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4 Must-Have Mobile Apps for Lawyers

Lawyers are a famously conservative and stodgy group of professional who cling to the traditional ways of practicing the law. The older generation of attorneys is more than happy to spend hours picking over law books and meticulously recording the results by hand; and why wouldn’t they? With the hourly rates charged by most attorneys, the old way of doing things is also the most profitable.

Fortunately, the younger generation of practicing lawyers is much more interested in doing their work in an efficient manner than their older colleagues. These up and coming young litigators embrace every form of technology they can get their hands on, especially if it makes their lives easier. And, as it turns out, tech-minded attorneys can actually do more work than their luddite counterparts.

One of the fastest growing areas of legal technology is the mobile space. Developers and attorneys are finding that mobile devices are a perfect fit for on-the-go lawyers and are making some pretty interesting apps for them. If you’re looking for the top mobile apps for lawyers, we’ve got four of the best right here.

Above the Law
Lawyers spend plenty of time away from their offices, which can make keeping up with the latest industry news extremely difficult. That’s where the Above the Law mobile app comes into the picture. This easy to launch, easy to view, mobile-optimized version of the popular blog puts all the latest news right in the palm of your hands.

The app itself is free and available for iPhones users only, but it does require a paid subscription to the Above the Law blog.

Boxcryptor Classic
Attorney-client privilege is one of the cornerstones of the American legal system, which is why maintaining strict mobile and web security is a huge deal for modern attorneys. Boxcryptor Classic takes all that personal and confidential information you’ve got stored on your mobile device and gives it a heavy dose of encryption.

What makes Boxcryptor such a good deal for mobile-minded lawyers is that it also encrypts cloud connections. This means that lawyers can feel comfortable accessing their firm’s cloud storage systems no matter where they are, without exposing the entire network to hackers.

If storing files securely is important to your practice, this is an app you’ll definitely want to be looking at.

Most practicing attorneys rely on a library’s worth of reference materials and law books to do their job on a daily basis. Unfortunately, accessing these books while sitting inside a courtroom (or just about anywhere except a law library) is practically impossible, until the Rulebook app came along.

Rulebook puts an entire library of legal reference works like Federal Rules of Civil Procedure at your fingertips, no matter where you happen to be. Even better, this Android and iOS app allows lawyers to easily bookmark frequently used sections for easy access. If you’ve ever wished you had a law library in the palm of your hands, your wish has come true.

(The reference works included on this app include a range of items that are useful for everyone from criminal prosecutors to garden-variety DUI lawyers.

Standard mobile note-taking apps aren’t exactly a good fit for the courtroom, but Jurytracker definitely is. Its’ been designed to help litigators keep track of their thoughts on various potential jurors and organize those thoughts once they’ve returned to the office.

If you’re a mobile minded lawyer, you’ve got some really great apps to choose from these days.