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Embedded Linux System Applications Rule The Day

Embedded LinuxEven though embedded systems are as old as computers it is only now that they have come into prominence. This is primarily due to the fact that people are gravitating more and more towards smaller systems and Linux with its simplistic approach has become a very popular platform for these embedded systems.

Applications of embedded Linux systems have seen an upsurge in the last decade primarily because this operating system is flexible enough to be installed and administered easily. So versatile is this operating system that it is now used for making a myriad of devices like tablets, smart phones, media players which are portable and other such touchscreen based mobile devices.

In fact the use of the Linux kernel has also gained ground in the consumer electronic goods sector. Hence set top boxes, in vehicle infotainment, smart televisions etc., are being increasingly made using this platform. Networking products like wireless routers, industrial automation and medical monitoring instruments, flight software used in space shuttles, navigation equipments etc. are some of the other examples of applications of embedded Linux systems. 

Android, one of the most competitive platforms for tablets and smartphones developed by Google, is a very good example of applications based on the Linux kernel. In fact it is the low cost and easy customisation of the Linux kernel which is responsible for the huge market share enjoyed by this operating system today.

Today Linux is also making inroads into the real time operating systems sector with several applications of embedded Linux systems being developed. RTLinux, EL, LInus-SRT and RTAI are some notable real time hardware and software Linux interfaces for application programming. The free licensing policy of Linux increases its use as the foundation on which to build customised applications. This is one of the basic reasons why Linux is widely used in a number of applications spanning all sectors using computers and programs.