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Use Skype on your mobile phones

SkypeThe smart phone users can easily make video calls and audio calls online without any charges. There are many applications available on the internet that is useful for the smart phone users to make video calls without any charges. Using the internet connection, one can make video calls and audio calls on their mobile device without any expenses. The Skype is one of the famous apps that is useful for the smart phone users to make calls free of charges. It is important for the users to download the app from a trusted store. So, they can avoid damages and other harms on their smart phone.

The app developer will provide a detailed description about this application and its specialties. One should go through the description completely before downloading the app on their device. There are many similar applications available on the store, so the users can compare the descriptions of various applications before downloading an app on their device. It will be helpful for them to gain some knowledge about the ways to make calls free of cost through their smart phone. It is important for the users to compare the similar applications before finding the right one for their device.

One can go through the reviews and comments about the free call applications available on the stores. The reviews were written by the existing users of the app, so it is easy for the new people to get an overview about the benefits of downloading the app on their smartphone. The Skype is one of the best and reputed applications that is useful for the people to make calls through the internet without any call charges. The developer is also providing some bonuses and credits to make calls online without any issues. Therefore, it is easy for the smartphone users to make calls online without any call charges.

Do You Really Need an Expensive Smartphone?

SmartphoneSmartphones are big business in the UK, with 16.4 per cent of all online traffic being generated by mobile browsing this year, according to the Guardian.

Figures from Ofcom suggest that while internet access on portable devices is growing in popularity, millions of people still rely on SMS texts to stay in touch, with the average person sending 50 each and every week.

This dichotomy between modern and legacy functionality poses an interesting question about mobiles in general and smartphones in particular. Do you need to spend hundreds of pounds on a range-topping model that you are only going to use for texting and social networking, or should you save your money and get something a bit more affordable that can fulfil exactly the same functions?

If buying a mobile is threatening to drain your bank balance, you might want to say “thanks giffgaff love the new feature” right now as this network provider has created a fresh way to work out which mobile handset is best for you.

But what affordable models are actually up to the task of still being smart and desirable without leaving your finances in disarray?

This may not be as powerful as the flagship HTC One, but the One SV does have one crucial feature that makes it worth buying, which is its 4G connectivity.

Getting online at superfast speeds will allow you to upload photos, send tweets, stream video and generally make the most of the internet without worrying about long loading times.

In spite of its affordability, you also get neat features such as a 4.3 inch screen, 1.2GHz dual-core CPU and a five-megapixel camera. It is a well-designed device costing less than £200 that ticks all the boxes.

Find the HTC One here

Nokia Lumia 620

The Lumia 620 comes in a range of colours and features the Windows Phone 8 operating system, with enough power under the skin to keep everything running quickly and efficiently.

It has a bigger screen than its popular sibling, the Lumia 520, so if you want a less cramped mobile experience it could be a good choice, whether on pay as you go or as part of a contract.

Sony Xperia SP

Sony brings a touch of class to the budget end of the mobile market, with the Xperia SP boasting a high-quality design and that all-important 4G connectivity that makes the HTC One SV so attractive.

The presence of an eight-megapixel camera will impress photography fans and it runs the latest version of the Android operating system with Sony’s array of interface tweaks sitting on top.

More on the Sony Xperia SP can be found here

BlackBerry Z10

If you want a flagship smartphone for a bargain-basement price then the Z10 from BlackBerry is a good choice. Since its introduction at the beginning of the year it has not sold in the numbers that the manufacturer was hoping, leading to major discounts.

With a 4.2 inch HD screen, dual-core processor, 2GB of RAM and the BB 10 operating system, it is a great phone for business users and consumers alike.