Slik Tripod: Important For A Professional Photographer

images (50)In photography the stability of the camera while capturing images makes a lot of distinction. In fact the stability of a camera can make the distinction between a really good shot and a bad one. This is the reason that photography lovers usually use a slik tripod to provide stability to the camera or video camera. With this kind of tripod it is possible to modify the size, place and steady plan of the shot that you are taking. It can be compressed into a little package after use so that it is convenient to bring with you. However, it is not just intended for photography lovers as anyone can benefit from a slik tripod. By adjusting the simple to use buttons and locks on the tripod you can take the shots that you want.

A wedding professional photographer will first set the tripod on the floor and open up the leg levers at the end of the feet. If you want a lower shot you should open up only the bottom locking lever. The next step is to pull it up so that the legs glide out of the tripod. Once you get the level you have in thoughts force the locking levers to secure the legs in place. For little level changes you can use the level knob. The handle has to be converted clockwise to increase the tripod and anticlockwise to reduce it. Connect the camera to the screw on top of the tripod. Put the camera on the tripod and align the screw gap on the camera to the tripod screw. Use the locking knob on the right of the tripod to lock the camera in place.

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